New to this…

G'zy.. Between 2 bikes ©September 2009

It’s summer time.. that means it’s the season for BBQ’s, beaches, bikinis, Begas (Vegas-if you’re Filipino, Hispanic, or have got a Spanish speaking accent =P), and BIKES!! So I thought, what better than to start my first post off with my most recent facebook upload, most popular, and one my own personally favorite pics!~ Anyhow, I’m brand spankin’ new to the world of ‘wordpress’.. I searched for and discovered the privacy setting of ALL PRIVATE, but as I started posting/commenting on other people’s blogs, I realized it’s no fun to click on someone’s name and get that nasty nothing of a private page. So i’ll stick with hybrid-mode until i figure this place out!..


3 responses to “New to this…

    • Hahaha!!! I had to take mental shots, don’t want to get picked up by the police, you know people need their “safe spaces”. “Your honor, you may call it peeping Tom, but I call it photography” 😳 riiight~

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